Let DRDA Help You Improve Collections to Increase Cash Flow…

Our Purpose: Coordinate with and assist your collection department in the recovery of invoices that are beginning to age.
Reduce the amount being written off to bad debt due to inability to follow-up consistently in the collection process.

Our Process: We will provide the necessary resources to address all customers in your portfolio in a timely manner.

Our Results: Improved collection rates, resulting in increased cash in-flow for your company, reduce Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) and improve A/R Aging percent on non-current receivables. In today's economic environment, it is vital that companies leverage their resources and extract the highest value possible from their expenditures. It is our objective to provide each client with the support and assistance they require in order to achieve their financial goals. To assist in this effort, DRDA provides a wide range of services beyond traditional accounting, auditing and tax work offered by most firms. We work with our clients to improve their future, not just account for the past.

DRDA provides Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) through a diverse selection of collection and recovery solutions. There is a growing demand in the business community for collection of business-to-business debts and past due payments. DRDA has extensive experience collecting debts from companies. Most importantly, by choosing our collection services you will be able to dedicate your time and energy to more critical pursuits, like strategic planning, operations and the management of your company. Let our experienced collection staff handle the rest and ensure that your company's budget won't be constrained due to a financially toxic business relationship.

Here are a few of the services we offer:

$ First Party Invoice Collection: DRDA supports your collection department by assuming responsibilities for lower tier customer collection efforts, collection of aged invoices that have not been pursued, or other functions that would allow more productive allocation of your resources.

$ Third Party Invoice Collection: Our third party, post charge off recovery program offers world class liquidation results while promoting a positive customer experience.

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