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Contact DRDA to see how our BORSA™ Self-Directed 401k works. This plan enables you to infuse equity that you already have in your 401k retirement account and invest in stock in your own company - start-up your business or fund your business purchase. This is a great way to tap into money that you have but didn't think that you could use for your business, like borrowing money from yourself.

The BORSA™ plan can be used a few ways - you can rollover current 401k money into your business without any tax penalties, use the retirement IRA rollover to buy or start up a new business, use the BORSA™ plan for equity injection required by obtaining an SBA loan or save 50% or more on your current retirement savings from being depleted by the state and federal tax authorities. Keep YOUR money in YOUR hands and it's win-win when you are able to use it for your business ventures.

Of course, this can be overwhelming and confusing, so take a look at our BORSA™ resources and pages then complete the contact form below, stop in to our Bay Area Houston location or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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