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Client Accounting, Consulting & Business Services

DRDA exists to support our clients. As such, we provide a myriad of services starting with our standard CPA services of accounting, audits and review for individuals and for businesses.

Knowing that your business has many other facets such as learning the value of your business in order to potentially sell or set goals for the coming year. Maybe you are looking to buy a business or obtain further assets and are looking for a loan or get investors to help with that decision, we have a solution using your 401K. Once you have a business, you'll want to be sure you manage your profit and cash flow properly as well as manage any risks. Lastly, should you have the plans to sell your business we have a plan to assist with your transition and exit plan of your business. Check out these services below and let us know how we can help you and your business.




- We can assist with your accounting department whether full or part time accounting, periodic financial statements, payroll reports, annual employee and tax forms as well as financial analysis.


QuickBooks Online Training - (NEW)


- To continue to provide value to and for our clients, we are pleased to announce a new service - QuickBooks Online training. It will be a 4 week series, with 1 session each week and runs approximately 2 hours.  You have the option to join us for lunch in person or register and join us online.  Find out more information here.


Audits & Review


- An outside party audit reviews the financial statements and is able to present a more objective financial position which is often requested or required by lenders or government agencies.




(Business Owner's Retirement Savings Account) - Need to fund a business or purchase assets for your business but not wanting to get a loan? You can infuse equity from your current 401K retirement plan to invest into your company.


Business Advisory Services


- We are happy to consult you and your business on all things small businesses need to regularly analyze.


Capital/Loan Sourcing & C-Suite Services


- This is an extension of our Business Advisory Services in which we collaborate with experienced bankers and a SBA loan expert to provide better funding options that you wouldn't have originally imagined.


International Services


- If you plan to migrate your business into other countries or relocate your business overseas, we have a full suite of services to assist with this global transition as well as consult you on all of the risks and rewards in this endeavor.




(Captive Risk Management Plan) - This is a handy tool that helps to manage your financial business risk. While we understand that risk is part of owning a business, we can help be sure that they are managed appropriately.




(Succession Transition and Exit Plan)- STEP is a strategic approach to help evaluate your current financial, personal, business, tax and risk issues and transition to the next phase.




(Profit and Cash Flow Optimization)- This integrated approach assists with optimizing your profits and cash flow. This process analyzes your situation and can determine the underlying cause to decreased cash flow.


Tax Consulting, Preparation and Representation


- Contact us should you need assistance, review, preparation or even representation for your personal or corporate tax matters.


Other Client Services


- We are happy to help with consulting, outsources and support to you and your business with human resource testing, legal support, estate planning, corporate financing as well as construction industry consulting and of course personal financial planning.


DRDA firm continuously monitors the business community to look for ways in which we can further support our clientele. As such, additional services are available through strategic alliances with other support organizations. If you do not see the service you need, please contact our office and we can generally refer you to a proven, competent provider of the service.