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What Is Profit and Cash Flow Optimization? (P+CFO)

Profit and Cash Flow Optimization is an integrated approach to optimizing profits and cash flow. Profits and cash flow are the life blood of any business. Most treat the symptom of decreased cash flow without addressing the underlying cause. Our process will help you:

  • Immediately increase cash flow
  • Understand what caused the cash flow erosion
  • Determine your optimal profitability
  • Determine what changes are needed to optimize profitability and cash flow
  • Determine the right type and levels of financing
  • Develop tools to monitor your business so that you can maintain optimal profitability and cash flow


There are many elements that can erode profits and cash flow. We see these elements at work in companies experiencing:


  • Rapid Growth
  • Rapid Loss in Revenue
  • Times of Inflation
  • New Product/Market Expansion
  • A/R and cash cycle turn changes
  • Inventory Growth
  • Improper or mismatched financing


Optimizing Profits and Cash Flow for your business requires an understanding of what is happening in your business and market as well as the proper tools. The DRDA P+CFO process addresses each of these elements so your business will have a brighter future and higher value.


Manage Your Profits & Cash Flow…

Control Your Legacy

DRDA's P+CFO process can benefit your company. Contact us for more information by stopping by our Houston offices. Or give us a call at (281) 488-2022 to schedule your appointment today.