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For more information on the BORSA plan and ROBS, see the links below.

Learn more about how the BORSA™ works to fund your new business or franchise by reviewing our white paper.

Remember that the BORSA™ plan enables you to use equity from your current 401k retirement plan to buy a new business or fund necessary small and mid-sized business expenses that a business often needs like equipment, supplies and the like. This is money that is taken from your IRA or 401k in such a way that isn't taxed by the government and without tax penalties, but that it is infused equity into the BORSA™ plan to use for your business. Please review the whitepapers and contact us with any questions.

Read more about Rollovers as Business Startups (ROBS) by reading our ROBS white paper.

Other business owners are using this process right now and not borrowing against their house but from their own retirement plan. Get more information by taking a look at our BORSA™ FAQs but more importantly, contact us to understand the process better.


Or connect with one of our trusted BORSA™ advisors