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Resources for the Risk Management Tool for Businesses (RMaP)

Protect your business assets with the Captive Risk Management Tool (RMaP) that DRDA has created. RMaP insures your business risk with pre-taxed dollars. Learn more about this tool by downloading our FREE White Paper about the RMaP services. For further information and case studies, view the FREE RMaP Capture Case Studies Report below.

Click here to download our white paper about RMaP Services.

Is Captive right for you? Click here to download our RMAP Capture Case Studies Report.


Should you have questions, take a look at the basic RMaP information and How It Works then feel free to complete the Contact Us form, stop in our Bay Area Houston, Texas office or give us a call at
(281) 488-2022 to gather more information or to schedule an appointment to get your business assets protected.