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The P+CFO Process

Profit and Cash Flow Optimization is unique to each business. What works in New York, Florida or California may not work for your business in Texas. There is no off-the-shelf solution that is right for everyone. Helping the entrepreneur optimize their profit and cash flow must be handled in a methodical, logical and rational manner. Because there are so many moving pieces and unique issues for each business, successful profit and cash flow optimization must follow a rigorous process in order to ensure each element is handled appropriately so that you receive the best possible results.

Step 1
Step 1 - Improve Cash Position
  • Gather Data
  • A/R Analysis
  • Collection Plan Development
  • Implement Collection Services/Activity
  • A/R Management
  • A/P Management
  • Increase Money in Your Bank
Step 3
Step 3 - Capital and Financing Optimization
  • Analyze information from STEP 2 for capital and debt optimization
  • Determine appropriate levels of financing
  • Determine appropriate type and timing of financing
  • Develop tools for monitoring financing and cash flow coverage
  • Monitor and manage financing types and levels
Step 2
Step 2 - Profit Optimization
  • Gather Data
  • Optimal Profit Analysis
  • Identify areas of profit and cash flow erosion
  • Develop changes needed to optimize profit and cash flow
  • Monitor and manage profit and cash flow
Step 4
Step 4 - Strategic Planning
  • Growth Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Now that you have optimized profits and cash flow….where do you go from here?


DRDA's P+CFO process gives the entrepreneur the tools needed to work smarter on their business rather than harder.


There is an easier way, let DRDA show you the way. Not only do we provide the steps but the resources to succeed in your business. Let DRDA help you by completing a contact request, stop by our offices in Houston, or give us a call at (281) 488-2022.