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What is the Exit Planning Process?

Strategic exit planning is a highly personal process. There is no off-the-shelf solution that is right for everyone. Helping an owner exit a business must be handled in a methodical, logical, and rational manner. Because there are so many moving pieces and different parties involved, successful exit planning must follow a rigorous process in order to ensure each engagement is handled in a consistent manner and that you receive the best possible results.

The following illustrates the steps involved in our exit planning process. There are 10 components before transitioning to a successful next STEP:

  1. Define Goals & Objectives
  2. Team Approach
  3. Analysis of Exit Options
  4. Business Valuation
  5. Development of Tax Plan
  6. Personal Financial Plan
  7. Strategic Analysis/ Plan
  8. Contingency / Risk Plan
  9. Detail Action Plans
  10. Your Commitment


It is important to note that most business owners do not invest much thought or planning in ownership transition. In fact, our research shows most business owners spend more time planning a family vacation than how to strategically exit from their business.This is not due to a lack of desire or a lack of intelligence. It is simply because they do not know where or how to begin the transition process. The vast majority of business owners are unaware there is a specific planning and implementation process that can help ensure they achieve their objectives.


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