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Who we are
Who we are

DRDA is a proactive CPA firm offering guidance and support so you can achieve your business and financial goals.



To build sustainable value for our clients and ourselves. Sustainable value is lasting value. Lasting value creates a secure and comfortable future for you, your family and/or employees.


Our Brand

Working to improve your future… Not just account for the past. We help our clients define and achieve their goals with a suite of services not available from traditional CPA firms.


Core Values
& Beliefs

- Require trusting, respectful bilateral relationships with clients, partners & employees by demanding ethical excellence: Honesty, Integrity, Character & Quality.

- Maintain a solution focused culture of continuous improvement and accountability.

- Focus on excellence in service by the DRDA team.

- Focus on personal & professional growth & development.

- Be the trusted advisor to our clients.

- Provide the best solution for our clients... Be it ours or someone else’s.

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